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Ultra-Kelp TM FEED SUPPLEMENT is the finest quality pure dried Kelp. Kelp has been valued throughout history as a dietary supplement for its healthful and therapeutic properties.

Ultra-Kelp TM provides the minerals, vitamins and amino acids essential to animals for balanced growth, health and reproduction in a safe, natural and easily assimilated form. The health of an animal is greatly influenced by its digestion.

Ultra-Kelp TM improves digestion enabling the animal to extract more sustenance from the rest of its feed.

Ultra-Kelp TM fed dogs experience less trouble with intestinal parasites.
The value of 
Ultra-Kelp TM Feed Supplement will show up quickly in the shine, colour and condition of your dog's coat.

Ultra-Kelp TM is of great benefit for brood dogs, improving both fertility and quality of milk so that puppies will be better nourished. Fewer difficulties in whelping are likely to be encountered.

Puppies will grow strong and healthy with robust bones with the help of ULTRA-KELP Feed Supplement.

Working Dogs will be able to maintain their stamina and endurance better. 

Ultra-Kelp TM acts as a tonic, giving dogs more vigour and vitality

The following testimonials are supporting evidence of our beliefs.

What can 
Ultra-Kelp TM
 do for your dog?....Just ask a user !

"CHAMPION “PATCH” at 8 months of age . 
Thanks to long-time Ultra-Kelp user, Jill Koch, breeder, owner, handler Nowwithem Pointers.  www.nowwithem.com

Testimonial:  Dated June, 2006.
Since that date Vesta Creek Farms reports 23 new Champion Manchester Terriers.

Vesta Creek Farm was fortunate enough to discover Flack`s high quality kelp products
many years back for our straight Egyptian Arabian horses.  Although we don`t show our 
horses now, we are raising and showing our dogs with great results.  We credit their great coats, rich black & mahogany color, top health and vigor to `Flack`s Kelp`.  Our beloved herd of horses still stay healthy in middle and old age but the real results of this product are so evident in the dogs `winning ways` and general excellent health.  We consider `Flack`s Kelp` the best insurance we can purchase.
Meta Earthling
Nova Lotus Habersetzer, DVM

We need more of your wonderful product.  Our 15 month old German Shepherd is amazingly healthy and we attribute this to Ultra-Kelp TM.

Pauline Bettcher,Turner Valley, AB.

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